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Incense Exchange
Mermade Arts Incense
Shoyeido Incense
Essence of the Ages

Upon Each Samhain
This is one of my favorite poems.

Witch Talk - July 15, 2012

Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole - February 21, 2012
Useful Links
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Making & Using Incense Trails
Learn the simple, elegant art of the incense trail.  Trails offer you a way to test new incense blends easily, burn loose incense without charcoal, and even a way to write using incense!
What's In Your Incense?
Have you ever known anyone who is allergic to incense or who gets headaches when incense is burned?  It just might be your choice of incense that causes the problem.  Learn about the various materials used to make some of your favorite incense brands.  One of them is actually poisonious!!
Using Your Incense Making Kit
Learn the many things you can do with one of our natural, just-add-water incense making kits.  It's amazing how versatile they are!
Using An Electric Incense Heater
This video is a detailed look at using an electric incense warmer.  Although this video uses a Golden Lotus heater (from Mermade Arts), the same basics will apply to most incense heaters.
Rolling Natural Incense
This is an older video that shows the basics of rolling natural incense cones.  It is fast-paced and I have to apologize for the video quality.  I shot this with a web cam many years ago.  Until I shoot a replacement for it I want to continue to offer this short overview.
2nd Edition of Incense Announced
This is an interview with me discussing a little of my history and background but, more importantly, announcing the release of the updated and expanded Incense: Crafting & Use of Magickal Scents.