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Incense was a tool of shamans, priests, priestesses, and other wielders of power before the beginning of written history.  Although it has been relegated to little more than a footnote in the lives of many Pagans, incense is actually a magickal powerhouse just waiting to be released.  Don't you want that kind of energy, and just plain fun, in your life? 

Incense Magick will introduce you to an amazing, hidden world of scent, magick, and energy.  It will teach you how to use the hugely varied types of incense found around the world.  This book explains in straightforward, easy to understand, terms how to move well beyond lighting a stick of incense purchased at the local convenience store and plunge readers into the joyous world of incense pellets, buried charcoal, incense seals, and even hidden incense trails that only reveal themselves as they burn. The book takes the simple and oft repeated phrase "light your incense" to a whole new level.

The writing style is like listening to an old friend.  From "redecorating" a room with the perfect scent to intricate incense rituals and ceremonies, this book will teach you about more forms of incense than most people ever thought possible. Based on 15 years of research, experimentation, and advice from incense masters around the world, Incense Magick brings together ancient and modern techniques for using incense that have never before been printed.

The book offers 17 different meditations, rituals, castings, and even incense games that can be played at home.  The rituals and spells are not specific to any tradition or school of magick and can be easily adapted for use by anyone.  The energy raised from these techniques will astonish you and bring incense to the forefront of your practices.  When you finish reading this book you will be astonished at what you can do with once-humble incense.  Even the most experienced incense users will learn new techniques from this book.
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