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I've been a student of incense since middle school (circa 1977).  In 1995 I opened a small shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and became a professional incense maker.  I've avidly researched incense ever since.  In 2005 I set aside my retail incense business and focused on bringing an expanded awareness of incense to everyone who would read or listen.  Networking with incense makers and users from around the world has given me a very different view of incense.  I am a complete incense fanatic lucky enough to learn from a variety of incense makers from North and South America, Asia, and Europe.  I've traveled across America leading incense making workshops and discussions for an incredible variety of groups, organizations, and shops.  I've been lucky to be a frequent guest at Pagan festivals and gatherings where I can spread my enthusiasm for incense with vigor.  If it matters, I hold Bachelor degrees in History and Sociology.

This pic is from PantheaCon 2012.  This panel was a real treat.  We discussed the meaning and use of the label "Pagan" and how (or if) we applied it to ourselves.  You can see that Christopher Penczak is speaking, but the real thrill was having the man to his left as part of the discussion.  In case you can't tell that's Oberon Zell Ravenhart - the man who adopted and has advocated the use of the term "Pagan" for more than 40 years.  His insight into the issue (which has been a source of raging debate for several years) was incredible.  If you look closely you can see that I'm wearing the t-shirt (green, of course) I designed for Oklahoma Pagan Pride Day 2007.  Since that shirt was clearly visible, it probably came as no shock to the crowd that I do, indeed, label myself as "Pagan".  After participating in this panel I carry even more pride in my Pagan status.  Annette would be proud of me!  You can also see Lupa Bi and Jhenah Telyndru.

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