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My name is Carl Neal and I bid you welcome.  This site is the easiest way to stay connected to my upcoming events, new releases, and to find a few hidden gems as well.  While I am best know for my connection with incense, I hope to surprise you with some of the many other things that have interested me over the years.

In my world, incense and magick are deeply intertwined.  To see that thin stream of smoke rising from a stick of incense that I have crafted from the natural materials of the earth is always a magickal experience to me.  That doesn't mean that you have to be a believer in magick to be a lover of incense but, for me, that ancient, mystical stream of smoke does far more than change the scent within a room.  I hope that everyone gets to experience that connection to the elements and our ancestrial past at some point in their lives.
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